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September 2015 Though we bring a broad range of experience to our clients, we realize every case in unique. We’ll partner with you personally to review the details of your case, and evaluate the best course of action for recovering maximum compensation on your behalf.
December 2014 Jury selection, opening statements, testimony and cross-examination, closing arguments, jury instruction, and jury deliberation and verdict.
If you’ve been in an accident, our attorneys will help you get the compensation you need and deserve. Call us now for a free, no obligation case evaluation.
Fort Myers webseminar If you still have questions about whether or not you need legal representation, call us at (239) 574-7442 or fill-out our online contact form. We believe that legal representation requires a direct and personal understanding of the legal issues you are facing. So when you contact us, you won’t be passed off to support staff like many other firms, you will be speaking directly with one of our attorneys.
Products & Services How many personal injury cases have you taken to trial? Ask whether your attorney and their law firm has practical litigation experience with personal injury claims and what the outcomes of those trials were.
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¿Habla Español? Although membership is not required for personal injury practice, many personal injury lawyers join professional associations. For example:
Remember that Mediation is very confidential. Everything that is being discussed in the room will never be mentioned during the trial.
Some bar associations and attorney organizations offer certifications, including certification of lawyers in the field of personal injury.[2] Certification is not required to practice personal injury law, but may help a lawyer demonstrate knowledge in the field to potential clients. Within the U.S., not all state bars offer certification for personal injury law. Some states, such as New Jersey,[3] allow lawyers to become Certified Trial Attorneys, a credential that is available to both plaintiff and defense attorneys. Some states, such as Arizona,[4] restrict the use of the words “specialist” or “specialize” to lawyers who have obtained a certification from the State Bar Board of Legal Specialization in a specific field of law, with one such certification being in the area of personal injury law.
One of the first things to keep in mind is that you don’t need to file a personal injury lawsuit in order to recover compensation for your losses after an accident or injury. It’s quite possible — and in most situations, it’s actually more likely — that your injury case will reach an agreed-upon settlement outside of the court system. The vast majority of personal injury claims are resolved via settlement between the at-fault party’s insurance company and the person who was injured. (Learn more about Personal Injury Claims Versus Personal Injury Lawsuits.)
Know your rights on defective product claims and product liability. Our attorneys are experienced in product defect lawsuits to help you with your case.
A personal injury lawyer with our firm is ready and willing to explore the facts underlying your case, assess fault, get evidence and construct the strongest possible arguments on your behalf.
Do You Need A Personal Injury Lawyer? Angeles Forest Cite this page Our personal injury attorneys help clients obtain compensation due to any type of injury resulting from a wide range of accidents such as:
Financial Reports Personal injury lawyers, also known as plaintiff lawyers or trial lawyers deal with cases concerning:
Tavares Learn More… 1629 K St NW 303-800-8888 Auto collision can cause severe, life long and permanent injuries.
Nashville, TN Dog Bite & Animal Attack Injury Client Reviews Patrick A. Salvi FREE CONSULTATION If you have been injured by the negligent, reckless or careless actions of another, contact our Arlington personal injury attorneys at 817-275-4100. Learn why so many other personal injury victims throughout the Greater Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area have trusted us with their cases.
A family of lawyers who are also doctors helping your family. Resolving Your Personal Injury Case

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Launch an independent investigation into the cause of your accident Slip-and-Fall Accidents Fill out the form below to receive a free and confidential initial consultation.
Ann Strickler Allen Woolf v. Wilson Munoz We have a dedicated team of over 30 people, including skilled attorneys and an efficient staff, all ready and eager to assist. We speak both English and Spanish – ¡Se Habla Español!
If you would like more information about our qualified and professional personal injury attorneys in the greater Atlanta area, click the link below and you’ll be one step closer to getting what you deserve.
By Appointment Only injury law, and most importantly, our reputation.
Defective products are products that cause injury due to an error in labeling, a defect in design, or an issue with the manufacturing process. This legal label covers any number of product-related injuries, including injuries from kitchen appliances, misleading health claims on food labels, and car defect injury claims (as in the case of Firestone tires). Those injured by usage of a consumer product should file a defective product injury lawsuit with local personal injury lawyers or check to see if a defective products class action lawsuit is already in place.
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Pros & Cons of Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit A personal injury lawyer provides legal representation to anyone involved in a personal injury claim, whether you’re being sued (defendant) or suing (plaintiff). A lawyer can:
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