Firm News "client centered' practice where technology is leveraged to provide superior client service. $1,900,000 Medical Malpractice From beginning to end I felt comfortable every step! MEET OUR TEAM All of our cases are taken on a contingent fee agreement. To put it simply, you don't pay unless we win. We take our fee on the total AFTER past medical bills and liens are paid, and we advance all costs. Chicago, Illinois 60601 Deals & Transactions Pursuing a Personal Injury Claim for You Before you hire a personal injury attorney, you'll want to meet for an initial consultation. Many attorneys will offer this consultation for free, as the meeting helps them decide whether you have a viable case. Here are a few questions you'll want to ask during the consultation:

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Motorcycles are a quick and convenient way to get from point A to point B. With that being said, motorcycles do not have the safety features provided by a passenger vehicle, and they have the potential to be very dangerous if involved in an accident. It is common for the driver of a larger vehicle not to notice bikers or to fail to treat bikers with the same respect or caution as they would another car driver. When you have an auto accident and incur injuries as a result, you may think about hiring a personal injury attorney. Jennifer C. Piccione Cases Insurance Live Chat Small Business Reduced future earning potential Need Immediate Help? ©2018 Glen Lerner Injury Attorneys. ATTORNEY ADVERTISING. Past results do not guarantee future outcome. You may have to pay opposing parties legal fees in the event of a loss. Being a client of one firm does NOT create any attorney client relationship with the other. Glen Lerner Injury Attorneys only handles contingency cases, including, but not limited to, car, truck and motorcycle wrecks, and other personal injury cases, such as workers compensation, product liability, slip/trip and falls, wrongful death, medical malpractice, dangerous drugs, and defective products.. 602.667.7777 LATEST NEWS & TESTIMONIALS Stamford, Connecticut, United States Washington, DC NLJ 500 The jury will reach a verdict Standard auto accident interrogatories will also ask about medical providers you have treated with in the past ten (10) years, whether you were suffering from any physical disability or sickness at the time of the crash and whether you were wearing eye glasses or hearing aids. Interrogatories are limited to thirty (30) absent good cause shown and Court approval. Your attorney will assist in guiding you in responding to interrogatories. Attorney and freelance writer Visit the Workers’ Compensation Center Chicago Personal Injury Attorneys Client, Gail J., December 2014 Statutes of limitations are established by state law and often vary by type of injury. For instance, the statute of limitations for injuries to an individual in Texas is two years, but five years for sex crimes and one year for libel or slander. It can vary from state to state. Customer Care The law is divided into two main branches—criminal and civil. Criminal law involves the government bringing charges against a person for a specific crime and focuses on punishment. Criminal cases can result in the defendant being sentenced to time in jail or forced to pay fines. On the other hand, civil law involves private citizens or groups seeking compensatory damages from another party for some sort of wrongdoing. Personal injury law falls under civil law. When you file a personal injury lawsuit, you accuse someone else of hurting you through malice or negligence. The courts can order the responsible party to give you financial compensation for the costs of your injury. Discovery is the process in which each party investigates what the other party’s legal claims and defenses are. The Florida Rules of Civil Procedure allow each party to propound certain types of written discovery upon the other. In an auto accident case, the Florida Supreme Court requires parties to serve standard interrogatories which essentially request background biographical information (e.g., name, date of birth, current and former addresses, employment history) as well as information about the incident itself (e.g., describe the incident, were you wearing a seatbelt? Did a mechanical failure contribute to the incident occurring?) The interrogatories will also inquire into the injuries you are claiming, which medical providers you have seen as a result, and the damages you’ve incurred. 727-451-6900 AFTER THE VERDICT ALL PRACTICE AREAS Toll Free: 866-639-1032 $16,668.77 Allen Woolf v. Wilson Munoz California Injury Attorneys: Legal Forms and Agreements Waukegan Pet Protection Agreement Legal Malpractice Who Help You Get Results. Las Vegas, NV 89147 Construction and development Faqs Wrongful termination After filing a claim with the at-fault party’s insurance company, they will assign a claims adjuster to investigate the case and negotiate a settlement. If an insurance company is not involved, a demand letter can be sent to the other party mandating a settlement for the injuries sustained. A demand letter lays out your theory of liability (i.e., who is at fault and why), what your injuries are as reflected in your medical records, and what amount you are demanding in compensation. If an offer is made in response to your demand, your attorney will advise you on the situation and discuss the pros and cons of accepting the offer. Oftentimes, a counteroffer will be made and your attorney should attempt to negotiate a higher settlement amount than the amount of the initial offer. A courtroom will be needed to hold the trial, a judge will need to hear the case, and a jury will be needed to deliberate and make a decision regarding the amount of compensation that you should receive.  Rely On: Lusk, Drasites, & Tolisano I'll take my chances. Or Call Us At 1(800) 999-HURT (4878) Using a Personal Injury Lawyer How long can I wait before deciding to file a lawsuit? This is the document in which the defendant admits to or denies the allegations. Share with Email Rideshare Accidents Driving Distractions 100 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 700 Why Do People Choose Us? Results. What Makes Us Different Name Change Email Subscribe* Dave had a legal duty to drive with care and abide by traffic signs and signals; Larry S. Choose an attorney carefully. It can mean the difference between winning and losing your case. You're being sued by someone claiming negligence on your part. Chicago, Illinois 60602 Many personal injury lawyers agree that it is often better to settle a case before trial than to go through this sort of lengthy process. Thats a decision you and your lawyer will make together. Call us today at (404) 800-6356 to discuss your case with us. Glen Lerner Injury Attorneys Locations: 1. Meeting with a Personal Injury Attorney Boating Accidents View More Testimonials Washington, D.C. Office Click Here To Review Us 2505 W Shaw #180 New York Office $2,000,000 Trucking Accident Top Pages Comply with all court rules and complete all paperwork correctly. With more attorneys working remotely and on electronic devices and in the modern world of Facebook, Twitter and the internet, it has become more challenging for attorneys to protect client confidences and secrets. Personal Injury Attorney Los Angeles Los Angeles 90009 California CA 33.7866 118.2987 | Personal Injury Attorney San Diego San Diego-Kmky0u Personal Injury Attorney Los Angeles Los Angeles 90009 California CA 33.7866 118.2987 | Personal Injury Attorney San Ysidro San-nXA6VR Personal Injury Attorney Los Angeles Los Angeles 90009 California CA 33.7866 118.2987 | Personal Injury Attorney San Diego San Diego-HAF8Fv
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