You're being sued by someone claiming negligence on your part. Lerner and Rowe Injury Attorneys only handles contingency cases, including, but not limited to, car, truck and motorcycle wrecks, and other personal injury cases, such as workers compensation, product liability, slip/trip and falls, wrongful death, medical malpractice, dangerous drugs, and defective products. Site Map 3333 Piedmont Rd NE  Have you have been rear-ended coming off of the I-215, and the other party will not admit fault? Maybe a neighbor’s dog bit you while walking in the Del Rosa area. A business you visited in Highland might have had improper safety conditions causing you injury. Whatever your circumstance, if you were injured in San Bernardino, you may have cause to seek legal recourse. File motions on your behalf so you can receive information throughout the trial process. Please enter a valid email address. Driving Distractions Upload your Accident Report If you can demonstrate the other party was negligent, careless or irresponsible in a way that led to your injuries, the insurance company representing the responsible person/entity is likely to pursue settlement negotiations. As the discovery period ends, the lawyers will generally start talking about settlement. Sometimes the lawyers can settle a case just by talking among themselves, but, in other cases, they will go to mediation. Mediation is a process in which both clients and both lawyers go in front of a mediator to try to settle the case. (Learn more about Mediation of Personal Injury Claims.) Home Insurance Insurance Claims Processing Car Insurance Claims Stages Of A Personal Injury Case Below you'll find an explanation of the different kinds of damages that are common in many personal injury cases and how a personal injury damages award can be affected by the plaintiff's action (or inaction). Law Offices of Mark E. Salomone Marriage counselors Weddings When it comes to your automobile insurance, you may think that paying your premiums on… On-Demand Webcasts $1,600,000* It is no exaggeration to suggest that some personal injury scenarios have the potential to bring victims and their entire families to the very brink of ruin. Especially noteworthy: the physical, mental and financial wreckage can be profound, ranging from short-term to permanent disability or even worse. Naples, FL 34102 Free Legal Having the right personal injury attorney on your side can mean the difference between winning and losing your case, so choose yours carefully. Ask the attorney about his or her level of expertise and track record handling your type of case, their policy regarding communicating with clients, and any other questions you might have. At the initial meeting, the attorney will ask you many questions in order to get a full understanding of your case. Be wary of any attorney who, during the initial meeting, makes promises about how much money you can expect to receive. Good lawyers need more time to truly evaluate the value of your case, and they sometimes need to get experts involved too. The next step in discovery involves each side taking depositions. Typically, a Defendant will request a deposition of the Plaintiff be scheduled after receiving the Plaintiff’s responses to the discovery requests outlined above. This allows the Defendant to subpoena both your past and current medical records prior to deposing you. If there is a defendant from whom to seek compensation Waukegan Reviews Depositions allow witnesses, experts, and each party to be questioned by a lawyer. Couldn't be happier COMPLAINT What is a contingency fee? Irvine, California 92614 Seller's Permit “Accidents happen.” It’s an age-old saying that some people use to explain the occurrence of tragic, senseless events. While it’s undeniable that some terrible incidents will happen no matter what we do, some accidents are completely preventable. Thousands and thousands of people each year are severely injured by accidents caused by another party’s negligence or deliberate behavior. At Hankey Law Office, our injury attorneys firmly believe that those accidents should never happen. You should not have to suffer because of someone else’s reckless actions. That’s why we are proud to help victims in Indianapolis fight for the financial compensation they deserve from the party responsible for their injury. Auto collision can cause severe, life long and permanent injuries. Facebook Law Firm Marketing Search Now Robert Beucler Los Angeles, CA Personal Injury Lawyers Clearwater Bicycle Accidents Pain and suffering. If you've been injured in an accident that wasn't your fault, a personal injury attorney can help you receive a fair settlement from the insurance company. Although it's possible to receive some compensation without legal representation, if you don't have a personal injury attorney there's an increased chance that the insurance company will try to take advantage of you and give you less than you deserve." COLLECT FACTS Dustin Vidrine On Thursday evening, July 19 th , a duck boat carrying 31 people capsized and sank, leaving at least 17 dead and several more injured. Witnesses say ... Featured Firms One Call... That's All! In the flowcharts below, we address some of the more common things you can expect when filing personal injury lawsuit. Travel agencies Associated Bank Building Pittsburgh, PA How Long Will My Case Take? Sean Forrester Find a Lawyer Full-Sized Map & Directions If you have been injured or lost a family member due to someone else’s carelessness, you are probably wondering whether you have a personal injury claim. In order to recover monetary compensation, you must prove three things. Disclaimer | Sitemap | Privacy C.R.P.S. / R.S.D. Injury From a young age, most of us are told that we need to take responsibility for our actions. While this is generally a good character trait to... Vehicle Accidents The Brown Firm Are you an existing client? When you have an auto accident and incur injuries as a result, you may think about hiring a personal injury attorney.

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