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La Cienega Boulevard & West Pico Boulevard $3,000,000 After your auto collision, you almost certainly have a number of questions that need to be answered. This is perfectly normal, and your experienced car accident lawyer from Boston will be available to answer any questions you might have. Below, we’ve addressed a few of the ones we hear most often:
Divorce Blog $3,118,000 – Jury Verdict Dangerous property or buildings can be the cause of expensive lawsuits for the people who own them, and landlords may wish to speak with building code lawyers to ensure compliance with local laws. In the case of dilapidated or blighted property, owners can even be sued if the locality steps in to make needed repairs. Those who have been injured on unsafe or dangerous property can also sue for damages via personal injury lawyers.
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$8,000,000 settlement in a medical malpractice case in which a woman was rendered brain damaged as a result of anesthesiologic malpractice.
Do not admit fault An auto accident attorney can fight vigorously on your behalf, ensuring that you receive adequate compensation not only for medical and repair costs, but also for lost wages and overall pain and suffering.
FREE CASE EVALAUATION In another case, a Zanes Law client was hit by a speeding car while riding a motorcycle. This client turned to our Tucson personal injury attorneys.  We worked up the case correctly, and we were able to negotiate a settlement of more than $1.1 million. However, our client fully recovered from his injuries.  Anyone injured would have a hard time finding a group of car accident injury lawyers who could have done a better job in this case than Zanes Law.
Charlotte, NC Injuries occurring while on the land or premise of the accused party
ONE CALL, THAT’S ALL!™ Slip & Fall In some cases, punitive damages will be awarded as well. Punitive damages are meant to punish the negligent party for his or her wrong doing, and deter future negligent or intentional wrong doing.
Hear Our Client’s Stories Total: 2,816 Car Accidents & Personal Injury Chicago Personal Injury Attorneys The complexity of the case.
Filing of a complaint – Once the investigation is complete, the lawyer will file a lawsuit, or complaint, in the proper court – typically, in the county where the accident occurred. The lawsuit will name the party from whom a recovery is sought such as the other driver involved in the crash. In some cases, multiple parties may be named in a lawsuit.
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Click to Chat NOW! There many contributing factors to the large number of car and motor vehicle accidents that occur in Los Angeles.  However, none are bigger than the sheer amount of motorists on the thousands of miles of roadways and highways. According to the California Department of Transportation, there are over 20,771 miles of total roadways, 527 miles of freeway and 382 miles of conventional highway in Los Angeles County.  In addition, there are over 5.8 million registered cars and well over 7.5 million total motor vehicles in Los Angeles county.  Incredibly, only 5 STATES have more registered vehicles than Los Angeles County and this figure is only going up as 600,000 cars are sold in L.A. every year.  On the average day, motorists in Los Angeles county drive over 92 million vehicle miles.
types of personal injury cases we handle Personal Injury Attorneys Areas Served DRUG CRIME LAW Rollover Accidents
Legal Services AUTO ROLLOVER Search Type Compensation to ensure you are not financially burdened by the costs and losses associated with the accident, including loss of a loved one in a wrongful death
Types of Personal Injury Claims Local: (415) 981-7210 Goldsboro EVERY CASE How soon after the accident should I see a doctor?
After being rear-ended and injured by a drunk driver, I was still unsure about pursuing legal assistance. I was injured and assumed the insurance company would take care of my bills without any issues. I soon learned how wrong I was as my bills quickly became a burden on me. I was relieved when I contacted Whitley Law Firm and they assured me they would help me. They took all the worry off of me which allowed me to focus on getting better and living my life. I am so grateful for their professional and efficient work, I don’t know that I can ever express it. Communication was easy and I always felt like my case was the most important one they were handling. While I hope to never need their services again, I would recommend them to anyone needing legal assistance.

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Workers compensation Preexisting medical conditions that relate to the same area of the body a plaintiff (injured claimant in the lawsuit)  is claiming injuries to can confuse a jury and drive up case costs. The plaintiff bears the burden of proof. Thus, the plaintiff must convince 10 of the 12 jurors that the aggravation of the preexisting condition warranted medical care that was not otherwise needed and/or warrants compensation. It may require expert testimony or ordering old medical records just to make a jury understand this. The cost of the evidence that must be obtained and the increased risk of a reduced reward are factors an experienced personal injury lawyer will consider in deciding whether to take on your case. For more information See: Aggravation of a Preexisting Condition.
Funeral and burial expenses Learn More Justice Never Sleeps – Open 24/7 – Call Now Gwyn Towns Uninsured or Underinsured Accidents
Disability Legal Disclaimers and Warnings About Confidentiality of Legal Communications Over The Internet Email:
Worker’s Compensation Lithium Batteries Can Start a Fire in Your Pocket and the Local Landfill Call Us 24/7 (661) 945-6969 Contact▼ Civil rights
My bills are piling up, and I have been unable to work because of my injuries. What is my car accident case worth? Personal Injury News
No, Virginia is one of the 8 states that have no “dram shop” laws. The term “dram shop” comes from 18th century establishments that served gin by the “dram” or spoonful. Many states have laws in place that allow victims of accidents caused by alcohol-impaired drivers to sue the establishment that served the driver under certain circumstances. However, Virginia is not one of them.
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Miami-Dade County Criminal Defense/DUI The cost of a personal injury attorney can vary greatly depending on: An accident victim should consult with a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible after an accident.  My colleagues in this article have already raised many important issues such as post accident investigation and the perils of giving a recorded statement, so I will touch on a couple additional issues that I have personally observed in the Chicago area.
Subscribe To Newsletter Motor vehicle accidents have a number of potential causes including speeding, driving while impaired and lane departure.  Additionally, more than 1 in 5 crashes in North Carolina were caused by distracted driving in 2015.  Distracted driving is on the rise in Asheville, North Carolina.  Crashes can involve pedestrians, motorcycles and of course other types of passenger vehicles.  When drivers on the road make poor decisions and are negligent, others suffer.
Lawrence LIVE CHAT Los Angeles abounds with personal-injury lawyers on the hunt for cases. “Lawyers will be lawyers when there’s the potential for some money to be made,” says John Perlstein, a 25-year veteran who litigates accident claims referred to him by other attorneys. “Most of them are trying to keep the doors open and hope for a million-dollar case to come their way.” There are no records so far of lawsuits being filed against Bird or its rival Lime, but lawyers say it’s just a matter of time.
Car Accident Fatalities in Los Angeles from 2010 to 2015 You Pay No Fees Unless We Win Your Claim
I’m An Existing Client Access the resources you need What our clients say Soft tissue injury Loss of property: Compensation may be recoverable to repairs to or replacement of property, such as your vehicle, that was damaged in the accident.
If you have been involved in an accident that falls into this category, you need a San Jose accident attorney who can advise you of your rights, how to file a claim or a lawsuit, and what steps to take along the way to preserve your right to damages.
Business Law Indianapolis, IN Damages that are intended to punish a party for engaging in especially egregious misconduct such as drunk driving (and to deter that party and others from engaging in similar conduct in the future).
We Handle Personal Injury Cases from Many Types of Car Accidents
Dram Shop Litigation Some of the most common injuries sustained in auto accidents are back and neck injuries, including whiplash. Whiplash often occurs in rear-end and side collisions that cause the head and neck to move abruptly forward and backward or side to side. This motion stretches the ligaments in the neck and back.
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Every driver knows what it’s like to fear an auto accident. Reckless drivers, roadway hazards, and close calls have left us all wary of the possibility that we might someday find ourselves in a collision.
Remember: insurance policies and procedures are complicated. Even for experienced and educated policyholders, it’s very easy to get confused or make a mistake.
Types of Car Accident Claims Personal Injury Lawyers Jacksonville Accidents on Dangerous Property
Well-deserved praise for the Bey & Associates legal team! Following my accident I kept getting the “run around” from other firms, but after becoming a Bey & Associates client I could IMMEDIATELY tell that both I (and my case) were in good hands. They did a great job explaining the details of my case, walking me through all my legal options and fighting hard to make sure my interests were protected.While I hope that no one is ever involved in an accident, if you’re looking for a team that will fight for you and truly cares, there’s none more
KATE H Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer OUR FIRM Employment Opportunities Settlement before a case goes to trial If you’ve been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, a personal injury attorney can help you receive a fair settlement from the insurance company. Although it’s possible to receive some compensation without legal representation, if you don’t have a personal injury attorney there’s an increased chance that the insurance company will try to take advantage of you and give you less than you deserve.”
Tel: 973-645-0581 Fax: 973-622-8160 For Lawyers $5.7 Million Proving Negligence in a California Car Accident
Get A FREE An experienced lawyer can help you compose a persuasive demand letter and compile evidence to submit to support your claim. Our team will also carefully review any settlement offers to ensure they are adequate before you accept them. If you accept an offer, you lose your rights to pursue any additional compensation for your injuries, so it is critical to make sure a settlement is enough to cover your losses before accepting.
913.428.8220 t Sole Proprietorship February 2016 As mentioned above, personal injury lawyers work on a contingent fee basis. The fee is contingent on the outcome. The lawyer will be paid only from the funds you receive in a judgment or settlement. This differs from lawyers in most other types of practice, where hourly and flat fees are usual. If you don’t recover any money from a judgment or settlement, you don’t owe the attorney’s fees. It’s about that simple.
Road rage or aggressive driving You are limited to only one recovery. So, let’s say you suffer $100,000 in damages in a drunk driving accident. If you recover $80,000 in damages from the drunk driver, you would be limited to recovering $20,000 in damages from the bar.
Eyewitness statements Some examples of types of compensation available to victims of Rhode Island car accidents include:
Wildfires Many factors go into the amount of time it takes to resolve a car accident lawsuit. These factors include:
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